TipCup®,  where simplicity, creativity, functionality and style meet.

A fusion of the ancient Eastern mystical art of tea brewing & drinking, combined with the modern, efficient, simplistic Nordic style. Clean line and form for functional tea drinking. Too simple to be true for the complex, elegant, delicate process of drinking tea — an elegant ritual which Tipcup fluidly bridges with sleek functional designs.

Forms for Function™

The core vision of the company is to bridge functionality, art and wellness. TipCup strives to capture the sleek, clean, and Nordic beauty of its design concepts. The company strives to develop a European ritual of tea drinking to complement the existing English tea ceremony and the Chinese traditional tea drinking. The inventor’s vision is to inspire a Eurasian infusion with this concept and its partners by introducing a series of cups that will enhance the taste, aroma, and visual estheticism – while focusing on the actual tea experience. The company hopes that its product line will offer the tools and atmosphere for a non rushed method of enjoying tea and for this ritual to serve as the center of any business meeting, family gathering, social occasion, or just a health get away from the hectic and fast paced life style of the demanding citizens of this universe.

The inventor hopes that the current and future products will continue to contribute to the wellbeing and health of not only the users’ physical body – but also the mind, soul and lifestyle.

Ultimately the company envisions bringing to tea connoisseurs via TipCup-Valley, an assortment of tea blends, herbal enhancements, berry infused sweeteners, and spices unique to the portfolio product line of TipCup. This service concept vision is to provide leading restaurants, bistros, business centers, expo arenas, resorts and the hospitality industry a tea service concept unique and never before implemented.TipCup will stay true to its Nordic design and functional creations and continue to bring to market classic, modern and new unique designs. TipCup-Valley, will focus on identifying the wide spectrum of possibilities in the never ending strive to find, blend, introduce, custom teas and spices to enhance the tea connoisseurs tea rituals and experiences.

The philosophy of TipCup team is to maintain a totally green perspective during the entire process and give back to the unique regions of the tea producing world by making environmental friendly and eco-enhancing development projects within the regions that TipCup-valley global cooperation.

The main objective of TipCup Oy is to be recognized as a global brand in the area of inventing, designing and producing products, accessories and services for the tea, glöggi, chai and herbal drink sector. The company takes pride in making its world debut of Finnish Innovations, designer products and Know-How to coincide with the upcoming Helsinki 2012 Design Capital of the World year long event. This is just the beginning of an exciting roll out of collections, limited editions and gift co branding package sets opportunities. Established and fledgling new artist and designers will be a key core of the company strategy and continuous support of these artist by keen IPR protection, business acumen mentoring and preserving the artist rights during the commercialization process. Thus providing them the platform to excel, and bring to life their designs for the tea market and high end designer enthusiast to collect, use and enjoy.

Company goal is to also work closely with the HORACE sector to introduce a service concept and accessories in order to enrich the lives of the tea enthusiast and wellness minded beverage connoisseurs.